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SharePoint Document Management thanks to a smart integration

SharePoint Document Management starts with the perfect Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader and Windows Explorer integration.

Store e-mails and documents easily

Integrate Office 365 apps with SharePoint

  • Save documents directly via the 'Office ribbon', at any location within Sharepoint
  • Drag and drop e-mails, even with attachments, into Sharepoint. Metadata is automatically read, think of the sender or which project an e-mail belongs to.
  • Save hundreds of emails at once with a right-click. Processing takes place in the background, so 100% performance
  • Automatic saving of e-mails based on set rules
Searching in Outlook for Sharepoint documents

Find documents & information quicker

Extensive search capabilities within Office

  • Find files easily with keywords or phrases, just like with Google
  • Searches based on metadata such as sender or other mail properties
  • Use Sharepoint refiners for instantly filtered search results
  • Download multiple files simultaneously from the search result
  • Set up custom search results
Right-click functions

Familiar right-click functions

Collaborate easily with colleagues

  • Send as Link, send as File (with version options) and sent as PDF.
  • Bulk storage of e-mails in the background
  • Open, download, rename, delete, move, copy, etc.
  • Format as Record, Add/Delete Legal Holds.
  • View security audit access history for a selected document.
  • Check-out/check-in, numbering, versioning, version history.
  • Flexible options when previewing documents, e-mails, PDFs and images.
  • Create libraries, folders, document sets and sites directly from the tree structure.
  • Flexible offsite options with Take Offline and Connect to OneDrive.
  • Most used actions under the right mouse button (see screenshots).
Right-click functions

Quick navigation via tree structure

Experience the Windows Explorer way of browsing

  • Browse SharePoint web applications, One Drive for Business and Office 365 environments dynamically, with visibility of files tailored to the user.
  • Set and forget: Office 365 registration, no more central administrator required.
  • Quickly access document sets, folders and Sharepoint sites with the familiar tree navigation.
  • Browse SharePoint Farms, Office 365 and hybrid.
  • Filter the tree structure with just a few letters from a name, for example.
  • Navigate even faster with the Favourites function and Recent locations.
  • Proven handling of large SharePoint Farm document stores.
  • US-patented technology for faster browsing and navigation.
Tree view Sharepoint Outlook

Customise to your needs

Increase organisational productivity dramatically

  • Set up the search panels according to your own Sharepoint metadata needs
  • Add own items under the right-click function, such as New Document, Workflow, New Project, etc.
  • Customise the metadata profiling dialog box based on custom field types, automatic metadata, etc.
  • Multilingualism support
  • Add your own branding and customise phrases and words in menus, posts, etc.
  • Extend Office and Sharepoint integration even further with various Macroview DMF plugins.

SharePoint Document Management