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EDMS linked to SharePoint online

A construction, engineering and offshore service provider recently implemented SeeUnity, under the direction of GeONE. Since then, the employees of this international company have been able to effortlessly link documents in EDMS to SharePoint Online. In this way, the documents are always and everywhere available, essential for an organisation that carries out projects worldwide.

One of the information managers of this service provider recounts:

'In our operations, we work largely project-based. When executing projects, collaboration and knowledge sharing are crucial for us. The basis of our digital working environment is an organisation-wide implemented document management system. Of our employees, just under a thousand work with the electronic document management system (EDMS). We naturally want these people to deal with document management in a uniform way.

"Effortlessly link EDMS to SharePoint Online. This way, documents are available anytime, anywhere."

'A year and a half ago, we introduced SharePoint so that our employees could unlock their EDMS documents automatically via a Microsoft SharePoint-based intranet. We were looking for a good link between our EDMS and SharePoint. Together with our supplier GeONE, with whom we have worked well for four years, we then arrived at SeeUnity. This solution basically acts as an alert traffic controller. It allows us to integrate and synchronise documents in EDMS and SharePoint very smoothly. So that you can always easily get the right information to the right group of people.'

"This allows us to integrate and synchronise documents in EDMS and SharePoint very smoothly."

'For our projects, we choose SharePoint because our team members can share documents with each other very easily and securely within this cloud solution. At the same time, we consider the documents in the EDMS as our source, thus securing our document management.'

'In terms of managing and administering our document management systems, I think our company needs to fend for itself. So our IT department does as much as possible itself, only for support, detailed specialisms and questions do we fall back on GeONE's permanent consultants. They come here for a day once every fortnight. They know our organisation like the back of their hand, are a fixed point of contact and have all the required knowledge. That works very well.

"GeONE's consultants know our organisation like the back of their hand, which is very pleasant."

Working with SeeUnity requires little support from GeONE because, after a few teething problems in the beginning, it now works flawlessly. Employees can tick off the way they want each document to be documented or published. They trust SeeUnity and don't have to worry about anything else. We have GeONE's commitment and solutions to thank for that.